RDF- Vision & Mission


The mission of Rural Development Foundation is to cooperate in congruity with a higher spirit to improve the quality of life of women, young girls, children and transgender to set up a people-focused structure for strengthening, practical well-being, and a social advancement to manage, to develop a culture of participation and organization and to react to the quick needs of the individuals who are powerless. Rural Development Foundation empowers communities to articulate demand and access their rights by enhancing their leadership and building networks


Rural Development Foundation has a dream of an existence where each person regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity lives sound instructed, free and safe life. Where equality and respect is a right, not a benefit. Where individuals go through their time on earth making and flourishing, instead of enduring exploitation and recuperating from abominations.
We imagine a world where women/girls and transgender will have full access to the information, resources, training, and employment opportunities they need so as to defeat social, lawful and monetary hindrances, to take part in basic leadership, and to guarantee their human rights.


Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Safe Abortion Education